About Myself

     Let me introduce myself, my name is Wojciech Mochocki and I was born in 1980 in Wrocław (Poland),I am currently living in Lubsko (population ca. 15 000) town in lubuskie voivodeship, or province. I graduated from TheWarsaw School of Social and Economic Studies (WSSE), my specialization is Public Relations.

The beginning

     As far as I can remember, since my childhood I fell in love with cycling and everything that goes with it. As a young boy I quite often made bicycle excursions, mostly alone for I could not find similar cycling fan as myself among my friends in Lubsko who at the age of 12 would ride on an old Jubilat2 bicycle the distance from Lubsko to Zielona Góra and back (circa 100 km).

     This love, my hobby is a result of TV programs from the most famous and the most difficult cycling competition - Tour de France, my dad played a very crucial part in planting this craze for cycling deep in my mind. One cannot refrain from falling in love with cycling when watching the superb Zenon Jaskuła closely following Miguail Indurain and Toni Rominger, cycling is the only one sport that combines the passion of competition and the bliss and beauty of the surroundings.

The experience

     I have ridden three grand and international tours so far. In 2004, together with my two friends, named Piotr Węcławski and Sławek Belcarz I went to Croatia through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia and then back. The next year, I alone rode most of the Alpine stages of Tour de France. 2007 marks some of the stages of the second famous race namely Giro d’Italia, I reached that destination on my bicycle and, of course, I rode back home. 
     In 2009 I fulfilled my greatest enterprise in terms of cycling. In 45 days I traveled 5860 kilometers, riding a road racing bicycle, I traveled across Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain. I intended to ride in the French Pyrenees and climbed the pass Pla d'Adet (1680m above sea level) the place whereZenon Jaskuła won in 1993. Moreover, I followed routes of cycling races in Alps both French and Swiss Alps plus Italian Dolomites passing the greatest multi-kilometer mountains passes.
     In this way I traveled over 12,5 thousand kilometers.