We are meeting the day before we leave. The three of us decide to take following equipment: igloo tent (for 3 persons), sleeping bags, mats, gas burner with additional cylindersbicycle sacks and a bag, six kilograms of food (15 packs of instant soup, 4 packs of pasta, 15 packs of instant pudding, four packages of buckwheat groat, three packs of powdered milk, instant broth and two tubes of vitamin pills. Also there are tools and replacement parts (3 tubes, tire irons, wrenches, pump, spokes, grease, cables for brakes, screws with knots, an axle, and a piece of line. There is also medical stuff: bandages, scissors, plaster, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, painkillers, ointment for muscle ache, anti-mosquito spray, and baby powder. Our clothes: three t-shirts, four pairs of underwear, four pairs of socks, two pair of shorts, tracksuit, and wind stoppers. Maps - Poland, Czech, Germany and Europe. There are also a digital Camera (KODAK), diode lamps, side mirrors and electronic speedometers. We are wishing all that stuff together and pack it equally in the bags so that they all weigh the same and we can keep balance while riding. Sławek and Piotrek are going to take four bags (two ion the front wheel and two on the back) and the bag. Wojtek says he requires free movements of his handle bars and takes only rear bags and a sack.