Getting ready

Firstly I would split our preparations into two aspects, the first, surely, would be the physical workout and the second one would embrace the technical and organizational.

Workout: Each of the party members is responsible for himself as far as training is concerned. This is mainly due to many facts as for example, different working hours and daily routines. Our training routines encompass excessive jogging, bicycle riding, and pushups (contrary to the common believes, legs are not the only ones which must be the most enduring). Once in two weeks we get together and ride 100 kilometers to test our performance. We do not load our bikes with any luggage but rather ride freely and fast (the average speed is always over 30 km/h, unless we have to go up a hill). During our bicycle trials we are trying out different cycling tricks like drafting and riding paceline. They allow us to reach quite impressive pace, very often we run out breath. This is a good strategy, especially when it gets really difficult it helps us to overcome our own weaknesses that on other occasions could seem the final frontier of our possibilities. We support one another but, no doubt, Sławek is the best at it. He is the most experienced one as far as the number of kilometers is concerned, plus he is the most consistent and he has the will, whereas, Piotr even deadly tired, can draft (by doing so he avoids excessive effort) and ride any distance, he has one very valuable ability, namely, his sense of direction, it is impossible to get lost with him. We carefully choose different routes for our training stages. They are different in the landscape, and the most importantly, they differ in difficulty. Our region lacks any interesting mountains or hills, but Wojtek decided to choose one (800 meters long) and go up and down, even ten times, it is a decent mountain preparation because during such a training legs may barely rest, it also applies to the rest of the body. The strain of this training is bearable mainly due to stamina built up thanks to regular jogging. It turns out that the good old jumping rope is a good addition to the training; it strengthens calves, whose power is crucial during riding a bike. Two weeks before the trip, one of the party members decides to go into Karkonosze mountains in order to test himself there. He spends there few days and then goes back in better shape. In the meantime, his friends try to build up their own stamina, but the departure day is very close and the coming days and training routines should be more relaxing.

Technical and organizationalPiotr is our leader, as far as this issue is concerned, he has the gift that is unknown to the other two. He is able to get any machine back to life. It is him who takes our bikes apart, cleans them, repairs and greases. He gives the wheels his dad who returns them their perfect round shape. Piotr is our guarantee for technical matters, and God bless him for that. We together take care of the rest of problems, we can handle them. The most important is the money, each of us tries to save and get it according to his own possibilities and requirements. The second important issue is the insurance, Piotr and Wojtek have Euro<26 cards and do not need any other assistance but Sławek has to buy one.