Our safety

All the way we are trying to keep a safe proximity, at least 1.5 meter, the one who is on the lead always warns the rest if he notices any danger or holes in the road surface (this happens very often in Czech and Slovenia).

The side mirrors turn out to be a really good solution, each of us can see what is happening behind. Nobody has to make guesses it is just enough to have a look in the mirror and the situation is clear.

One of the most crucial parts of our equipment are the high quality diode lamps. We do not have to use them everyday but without them it would be dangerous to ride after the dusk. The more visible we are the better.

Each of us has many light reflecting parts placed on the bags, the make us even more visible on the roads.

During shopping (at most of the times at the supermarkets) one of us always stays with the bicycles and keeps his eye on everything. He can do his shopping when others come back, he may go into the shop alone or not.

Choosing places for the night. On most of the occasions we sleep in places that are dry, at a certain distance from the main road (so that we are difficult to be spotted). Very often we choose some groves, or grassy glades. We always chain our bicycles to a tree and the most valuable items are takes into the tent.