Test of the form


The last test of shape

It is the last day at work this week and when it is over I just go home. When I get there I change my clothes to professional cycling outfit, and I do it for the very first time in my life. I fix my bags, which are loaded,  to the bike and start my long journey to Jelenia Góra (170 km). The weather is going to be harsh today, it is cloudy since the very morning and  there are short showers, but the worst is just waiting ahead, but I am going to learn that soon in the near future. I am going to ride my usual route  (Lubsko – Żary – Żagań – Szprotawa – Bolesławiec - Lwówek Śląski – Jelenia Góra). The worst of all is the wind that keeps blowing right into my face, this makes my ride even more difficult. Generally, due to bad weather my average speed is circa 28 km/h, it is not bad, of course, taking into account the conditions. A sudden and heavy rain gets me 10 kilometers ahead of Bolesławiec – a city that marks the last part of flat stage, next the mountains begin. The rain stays with me for the next 30 kilometers. I decide to continue my ride and test me new clothes. I am glad that they are doing well, I am still dry, and the wind stopper protects me from cold and wind. The rain stops 20 kilometers from JeleniaGóra – my destination. Frankly speaking I don’t care any more whether it rains or not. I got used to the rain.  I reach my destination after even hours of riding this really difficult stage. Once I am there I go to my family straight away (my aunt and my sister) where I am going to spend the night. I regenerate my energy with good, food, delicious drinks and I get wonderful support from my family. I am going to return on Saturday.

The next day. I am going to train in the mountains today. I choose Okraj Mountain Pass (1046 meters above the sea level). The road is bending like a snake up to the Polish – Czech border. The way up measures 12 kilometers, and there a few flat stretches where one can get some breath.  I reach the summit after 45 minutes but the time is not the most important factor. I am not here to set another records here (in 2003 – 34 minutes), I am to prepare my legs for the FrenchAlps. I am worried about the pain in my knees which prevents me from riding even faster. I take some photos and then go down (50 km/h) to Kowary where I stop at my family’s house.

I go back to hometown Lubsko on Sunday. I leave at about 11.30 am. It takes me 6 hours and 5 minutes to get home. The weather is a lot better but there are some occasional drops of rain.  I have to wear elastic knee braces, it would hurt more if didn’t have them on. I have to rest and regain energy quickly, I have to get up tomorrow at 5 am and then go to work. All in all, it was worth riding this distance.