Biographical notes

on some of my companions

Belcarz Sławek, 29, IT specialist. A member of long distance Tour to Croatia in 2004, the rest of the party were me and P. Węcławski, a member of Lubica Society in Lubsko.
Drobniak Bartosz, 29, Building Construction Engineer. He put up cycling when he was 19, we managed to reach Hel Peninsula in six days. Other hobbies: playing soccer, listening to excellent music.
Gawin Elżbieta, 40, born in Sulechów. She says about herself: Frankly speaking it wasn't the very bicycle that became my passion, it was the freedom to travel which I value. I am a very keen photographer of life and very often I have to get somewhere but not necessarily quickly. Plus physical workout, cool wind in my hair and the close proximity of the beauty of nature makes me feel that I feel I really live! I have known Wojtek for such a long time and if people share similar tastes, that makes them a big family just like two of us.
Jachimek Anna, 39, born in Szczecin, a shop assistant. Her interest in tourism started in high school. She took part in different bicycle raids like for example: Rajd Rowerowy szlakiem Chmielu i Wikliny (2007), Rajd Rowerowym Szlakiem Wiosny (April 2008). She is the treasurer of Lubica Society, a cyclist club in Lubsko.
Komornicki Tomasz, 23, born in Lubsko, a high school graduate. His cycling adventure began in primary school. Tomasz is a member of Lubica Society. His favorite bike is a racing bicycle. He took part in Cyclist Jamboree in Szklarska Poręba in 2005. He rode 1900 km in only 9 days during a solitary alpine journey through Switzerland and Austria between June and July 2008, during his journey he visited, Innsbruck, Zurich, and Paris.
Mochocki Bartosz, 23, born in Lubsko, a WSSE graduate, employed at Lubsko's public utility water board company. His passion for tourism evolved in primary school. Together with me and P. Siemion he took part in the bicycle trip to Karkonosze Mountains and Góry Stołowe Mountains. He also took part in Cyclist Jamboree in Szklarska Poręba in 2005, a member of Lubica Society.
Muzyka Sławek, 41, a mathematics teacher. The headmaster of primary school in Wicina. Co-founder of School Sports Club LUBICA in Lubsko. The organizer of the first school bicycle tour so-called European mayday 2002 in Brody. He also co-funded Lubica Society. An organizer (and a cyclist) of bicycle events that commemorated Poland's accession to the EU, for example: Rajd Bez Granic, Rajd Swiętojański to Kosarzyn in 2005 or to mention long distance tours: to Szklarska Poręba in 2005 (cyclist jamboree).
Malta Siemion Przemysław, 28, born in Lubsko. 3rd year student at WSSE in Warsaw, specialization: Defense Education. An officer of armed forces subject to the ministry of internal affairs and administration the since 2004. Hobbies: sports, tourism, geography, movies. His cycling adventure started in primary school mainly by taking part in excursions in the region of Lubsko. In 2003 traveled across Karkonosze and Góry Stołowe mountains.
Węcławski Antoni, 50, born in Sokółki. A bicycle shop owner, a member of Lubica Society, a participant of cyclist jamboree in Sklarska Poręba in 2005. An organizer and a sponsor of many cyclist events.
Węcławski Piotr, 26, born in Lubsko. Graduated from Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa, German philology, a bicycle shop employee. in 2004 took part in a trip to Croatia (with me and S. Balcerz), plus In June 2008 went to Karkonosze and Góry Stołowe Mountains. A member of Lubica Society and an organizer of many cycling and tourist events.